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Calculation of work experience | Canada Immigration Forum

Hello Friends ,
I have a confusion with my job experience for PR application
I applied for my work permit on aug30.2019 and received it on November 2019.
(So I am counting my work experience from aug30.2019 )

I created my ee profile on aug8.2020 (22 days early before I count my work experience) and received ITA on aug 20.2020 .

My full time work started from nov 19.2019 for an employer(B)

But I have been working part time with full time hours different employer (A) during this period of Aug30 2019 to nov 19 .2019 (I still work part time there )
( The job title and NOC for both employers A and B are same :))

Q1) should I decline the ITA because I created my ee file 22 days early and received ITA 10 days early before I started my work experience ??
Q2) should I proceed with my application combining my part time (with full time hours ) from aug to nov. for employer (A) and my proper full time from November for for employer (B) which I am still working ?

please advice


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