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Blacklisted Universities in India query- ECA ?

For International Credential Evaluation Service agency on the link its written
*Special Instructions:
This is a list of deemed universities that cannot be evaluated by the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES): Indian Institutions.

When we click on Indian Institutions, there are many universities as blacklisted

Many colleges names I have not even heard and some I am surprised to see in the list. I am wondering how to cross check in some indian sites by government agency if there are really blacklisted or this list might not be upto date ? Is this list really legitimate ?

Any idea – Does all assessment agencies maintain same database in the back end ? I mean if one agency shows blacklisted does all will consider blacklisted though there is no link for blacklisted on WES site ?

Does it mean if some has masters from reputed and bachelors from any of these blacklisted universities, application will surely be rejected or just no point of bachelors or low points for Masters

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