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Bishop’s university Computer science for Jan 2021

I applied here last week monday (MSc Computer Science – course based) for Jan 2021.

You first fill a “pre-application” form and they use that to assess you (for free). If you pass, they send a positive recommendation to admissions office (from what i gather, this more or less makes your admission a done deal) and send you an email to put in a formal application for full assessment. This is the email I got from them this morning:

Dear M*******************,

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to make a
positive recommendation to the Admissions Office in respect to
your application for MSc studies in Computer Science
(course-based) at Bishop’s University. Please follow up with the
formal application at your convenience

Note that we have already conveyed our recommendation to
Admissions; they will verify the compliance of your file with our
business rules and contact you if further documentation is
needed. Once your file is complete and depending on the other
applications already in the system you may either be admitted
immediately and so issued a official offer letter, or placed on a
waiting list. The waiting list will be evaluated periodically,
and offers will be issued as space in the program becomes
available. One way or another from now on you will hear directly
from the Admissions Office.

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Best regards,
Graduate Coordinator for Computer Science

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