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Biometrics Update on the Profile after Exemption

My AOR is April 11 and in the Biometrics section, it shows:


  • We have not received your fingerprints. Check your biometrics request message below for details.

My AOR is May 05, 2020 and I contacted IRCC today regarding biometric update

Coronavirus – Changes to biometrics requirements – Permanent residence applicants

The Government of Canada is closely monitoring COVID-19 and any impacts on IRCC clients.

Until further notice, IRCC has put in place a public policy to exempt permanent residence (PR) applicants who have previously given their biometrics in support of an application within the last 10 years from having to give their biometrics as part of their application for PR.

You are exempt from giving biometrics if you have both of the following:

  • Already applied or are applying for PR within or outside Canada, and
  • Given your biometrics in support of an immigration application (temporary or permanent residence) within the last 10 years.

The biometrics you have previously given will be reused for screening purposes during the processing of your PR application.

You do not have to pay the biometric fee when you submit your application, even if the system asks you to pay it.

If you paid the fee already, we will automatically refund it once we finalize your application.


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