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We can only make speculations about what IRCC might or might not do. Looking at MyImmitracker right now, it is clear that CEC candidates have almost stopped getting PPRs in the last few weeks. Maybe, this has something to do with March AORs next in line to get approvals but can’t due to this biometrics issue. I have to be honest, I was hopeful that IRCC would open biometrics by the time I get a BIL when I submitted my e-APR almost 2 months ago.

With the experts predicting a second wave right around the corner, waiving biometrics sounds like the best option. Sure, it’s not optimal to go back to the way it was but biometrics was introduced for national security reasons. I think IRCC is waiting to see if they can get Service Canada to open biometric collection services. Trust me, things like this have to be discussed with the workers’ union – they make these demands. They closed Service Canada locations in the first place due to people misbehaving for being asked to keep their distance. The public was spitting and throwing things at Service Canada employees. So, safety is an important consideration for the employees. I do not think it’s going to be easy for the federal government to make a deal with the union. This is how things work in Canada. If the government tries to force things on them, they will go on strike.

Now, you might think this is unfair but it’s not up to us as we don’t have the same rights as Canadians or permanent residents. The only thing we can do right now is patiently waiting for good news.


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