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Hi guys,
I have an update for those who are waiting for past 4 months and beyond,
I applied for my boyfriend in the last week of December 2019 and then I only received a preliminary assessment in February 2020 asking for couple more documents of my boyfriend.

I sent voice message 11 days ago and i received a call today at 4.10pm PDT, it wasn’t a case reviewing officer but it was a call to update me regarding my pnp application since I left a voice message,

when I received call on my cellphone it showed PROVINCE OF BC as caller Id and I thought it could be some gov tax department or somebody like in the previous years I received call, but it was a customer service representative from BC PNP.

The guy answered all my questions in very calm way, he responded to my first voice mail question,
how long can it take to process an application since the processing time showing on pnp website has already been beyond 2-3 Months
“Do not worry, the volume of pnp applications they received is way higher than any recent times and due to current situation everybody are working from their houses with limited connectivities to their work and also those applicants who are waiting for a interview call or an update from application review officer since 3-4 months and those who applied very recent times can expect update in not more than 6 months time and he said this is currently the wait time for any candidate whether it’s express whether it’s any other non express category until things go back to normal from current covid situations!!!”

My second question during the call was, why was the status changed from In process to Applied and his reply for this was “On March 17th as per government ask, they had to close their office and case reviewing officers and himself in the customer service started to work from home. Due to covid 19 they had suddenly shifted to work from their home model with limited connectivity for everyone, on the last working day in office they decided to put everybody who were In Process at that time to Applied status. These applicants for sure will be assisted soon as possible and it could be a different case assisting officer than from the one who asked for further documents via email during your preliminary assessment and not sure again when but in not more than 6 months”

he also assured me “Do not worry, please have a little more patient, please wait for couple more weeks and this is something i cannot help with as how long exactly but you should receive an update from a case reviewing officer in coming days since your application was from late December 2019”

if you receive any updates from bc pnp please DO SHARE here so everybody like us waiting can stay positive in our pnp applications!!


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