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BC PNP Tech pilot sharing processing for my case


I think you still have some doubts about this process. So, below is the example which might make it better to understand the entire process.

Disclaimer: This example will contain information or steps which you already know, but the idea is to connect all dots. This might also help someone who is trying to understand the process using this forum.

However, if you are confident, then you can skip this example and see last bit where I have answered your query specifically.

For the sake of this exercise consider below example from a fresh mind and ignore all your knowledge about Express Entry and PNP. You can connect dots at the end, and if you have any question, then please do let me know.

Example :

Your purpose: Suppose you completed your school, and you want to do bachelor in college. To do that you can study from many colleges and get a degree, but your priority is to get to the best college.

So, Your end goal is to get a degree.

College purpose: On the other side, College wants to form a simple process for registration, so, they created a website where students can fill their information and share details. Every year college has to provide a total number of seats available for that year in their institution. On the day of merit result system will automatically select top students and send them a notification.

Now understand this much information from three scenarios. Three students applied in 3 colleges with their marks.

(1) A student who has a really good score may get admission from all three colleges.

(2) An average student may only get admission from 1 college which might not be the best one and,

(3) A very low score student who may not get admission in any college,

Now above three students have below choices

i) A brilliant student will get admission in best college

ii) A average student may want to wait another year to get admission in better college, or he chooses a college which is not desired but can get admission in.

iii) A poor scored student has to appear in the exam again, and he will try to boost his score. So, Next year, when merit comes again, he gets admission in at least one college.

Getting notification from the system does not mean you have completed the process. Still you have to respond to college to reserve seat.

So, Next step is to reach out to college and pay fees and confirm your admission with your college.

By providing a copy of your mark sheet and then college needs to process your admission which includes verifying details provided is true and you posses those score which you claimed at the time of applying.

College validates that your mark sheet is original and compare the marks on your mark sheet and marks on your application matches.

If you have provided a fake mark sheet or your score does not match, then college can refuse your admission, or in some cases, college can ban you from applying in future as well.

if all information is true and genuine, then you get the admission in that college.

Now comes the fun part, connect above example with Canadian Express entry process.

Connect dots:

Getting admission is getting PR.

The website college has created is Express entry system.

The college merit is CRS cutoff

Available seats have the same concept for college and express entry.

The student is you.

Student’s subject marks are a different score for an individual category like your education, work experience.

Student’s percentage is your overall CRS score (combining all category scores)

The best college is CEC, FSTP and FSWP are also colleges but less preferred.

Admission request after merit from any college is called ITA for PR application.

CIC has already set priority for the best stream to least preferred, So, you can not choose which stream you want to apply under. So, if you met all requirements under the first stream, then they will not check another stream, but if you do not meet requirements for the first stream, then they will try to match with next stream.

Beow is the CIC priority:




A snippet from CIC website

“Processing offices should assess PNC applicants for federal programs in the following order:

Should the applicant fail to meet the requirements of the first program considered, the processing office should consider the other programs in which the applicant has been tagged until either the applicant meets the requirements of one program or all possible programs in which the applicant has been tagged have been considered.

If it is determined that the applicant does not meet any of the tagged federal immigration programs, the application should be refused under section A11.2. Misrepresentation should also be considered, where applicable.”

All subjects on your mark-sheet are like different categories in an express entry like education, work experience, age, IELTS for PR application.

Just like you have individual marks in each subject, you have a different score for each category.

Like you have your overall percentage to consider for college merit, you have your overall CRS score for express entry.

e.g., it does not matter if you have a low score in one subject and a high score in another, you can still get admission as long as your average percentage is higher compared to merit.

Like that does not matter how much points you have for each category as long as you have a higher overall score compared to CRS cut off score.

You have to have ITA from any one stream.

Now, If you fall under 3rd student category where you have to boost your score, then you have to increase score in one or more categories.

Below are some examples where you can improve the score:

1) Get a higher score in IELTS to submit in,

The minimum requirement is CLB 7 for NOC O, A and CLB 5 for NOC B.

So, getting CLB 7 is like IELTS 6 bands which are not difficult to achieve.

However, The higher score boosts your CRS score. So, try to gain as much as possible.

2) Get PNP were once approved you get whooping 600 additional points

Trust me you need PNP just for those 600 points for express entry.

So a person who already has good CRS score does not require to apply for PNP.

PNP process is very similar, each province has its criteria for PNP, and they all are point-based just like Express entry.

So, With your information it generates a score, you get an invitation if you have more PNP score then cut-off and once invited you can apply for PNP, and you get approval.

3) Get more work experience,

4)Get higher education.

As you see from the above list, the easiest and quickest way is (1), (2). (3) And (4) are also possible but takes longer time and efforts. Now you know why people emphasis on IELTS score.

Once you get an invitation from one stream, then you have to provide all the documents. Remember you do not require to upload any document till you get an invitation so, Now when you respond with the invitation you have to prove all information was true and correct by providing supporting documents.

Once you submit your application, then CIC will validate the information and just like college, they can refuse your application or ban you from applying in the future if you have provided the wrong information.

Now your work is done. CIC will process your application in about six months, and you get your PR.

Now, To answer your specific query:

I just have query regarding express entry with bc tech. Do I need one year experience to create the EE profile?

No, Creating profile does not require anything. However, If you do not provide information, then your score might be 400 or less.

If I have nomination from bc still federal need one year Canadian express entry or I can create profile?

Again, Creating profile for BC PNP and Express entry s free and does not require any documents but your score will lower based on provided information.

Before you apply for BC PNP, you have created a profile for Express Entry. Your PNP application and express entry profile will be linked. SO, when you get approval from BC PNP, you will automatically receive 600 points in Express entry.

I’m planning to appear ielts also how many bands required for bc tech pilot program?

The minimum requirement is CLB 7 for NOC O, A and CLB 5 for NOC B.

So, if you want to go through PNP then try to gain six bands overall.

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