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BC PNP Material Changes in Employment

Hello all, I would like to ask a question regarding material changes in employment and the pnp application. Please read through my story and any advice/insight would be extremely helpful!

Here is my story: during the end of March, I was unfortunately temporarily laid off by my employer due to COVID-19. My IELTS result arrived in early April so I could not register before the lay-off. Knowing now my employment status has changed, I held off the registration, too. Fast forward to last week, I was recalled by my employer to my original position as work has built up and I can now resume as a permanent full-time employee. I immediately submitted my pnp registration and was invited during yesterday’s draw.

However, I just realized that there is now a new addendum about changes in employment in place and it says that ‘recall to the same position/same employer’ is considered as a material change, and ‘if you have experienced a material change in employment before your ITA, you should not apply or you will be rejected’. Does this mean I cannot apply anymore? Even if my life is already back to normal?

I hope someone can help me understand this addendum better because I am not sure if I am understanding it correctly. I would understand if it says ‘hold off your application until your life is back to normal’, but this addendum is basically saying ‘don’t apply even if your life is back to normal’ by having recall as a material change?

I really hope I can apply ASAP. Thank you in advance if you can provide me with any help.

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