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Its frustrating honestly. My cousin applied under FSW in Nigeria on Aug 31st and he has gotten his medicals and biometrics done, all in less than a month. Just waiting for final approval, he has passed eligibility and everything and CEC applicants are waiting over 6 months

Even pre-covid CEC applications used to take more time than FSW. The reason being CEC applicants are already in Canada contributing to the economy.

May be because they conducted many CEC draws in previous months which can cause application delays? JULY 31st CEC people have gotten their medicals done recently, so hopefully AUGUST is gonna start soon.
Since CEC people are in Canada, getting documents and verification is pretty easy and faster for them, but they might be prioritizing certain things based on current situation, so could be a driving factor. Thanks for posting.

Category: CEC Inland
NOC : 2174
ITA: 25th Jun 2020
AOR: 28th Aug 2020
Country of Citizenship : India
Country of Residence: Canada
Medicals: Upfront
PCC: Done and Submitted with all required documents
All fees paid. No status changed post AOR.

Thanks. My AOR is 8th August, and same NOC code. Will update if I get anything.

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