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At which point exactly do i need to to declare my asylum status at the airport ?

Good day , I m a Chinese actually having a Canadian visit visa, and i wish to seek asylum , because I am gay , I’ve been persecuted and locked up several times, my life was as risk the last time , but i have to pay a huge to escape , my partner went back to Portugal , since i can’t speak any other language than English , i was force to remain in an undisclosed area in china , while waiting for the airports to resume flights,
Please i need to know a couple of things
1-where exactly do i declare for asylum ?
2- Should i bring along all the photos of my torture and persecutions ?
3-Do i need to come along with the my legal representative report on how i was defended ?
4-Will it be advisable to destroy my passport before going out of the plane when i arrive at the airport in Canada ?
5- Would i need to come along with money in other to hire a legal representative ?
I will like to know all this few answers as to prepare my journey before mid november …..
I will most honored to get advice and answers from you guys ,


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