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Arrested but NOT convicted. Need help and guidance

Hello guys I have a query that has been keeping me up for years.
I am a pakistani citizen and now a qualified doctor, I have also completed my US residency board exams however yet to apply for a residency position. I am currently outside the united states and in pakistan.
This is where the issue arises, in jan of 2016 I was in Chicago and an unfortunate incident took place, long story short, I tried to buy a phone from Craigslist and met with the girl selling, she ended up robbing me off $500. When this happened I was in an absolute state of shock and disbelief as I was new to the country, had my wallet stolen. At that time that was a big amount for me. In a state of shock I went into a JC penny and picked up a jacket worth $360, I did not conceal the jacket, the store clerk came to me asked me if I was going to pay for it, I replied no. I dont understand what had gotten into me, it drives me crazy to this day. However the clerk called the police and had me arrested for retail theft, however after hearing me out the judge dismissed the case the next day as this was something OUT of character for me. So now I have an arrest record in the US but no conviction, it’s over 3 years since this happened.
Now my fiance has applied for a canadian PR and he will be sponsoring me for the process as well, I am worried to death as to what this incident could impose and impact my canadian immigration. I dont want to mess things up for him.
I have all court documentation stating that the case was dismissed and there was no conviction.
Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME OUT AND GUIDE ME. I would be highly obliged

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