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Applying for Permanent Residence without knowing French from Quebec

As the title says, what are my options to apply for permanent residency while working for my company in Montreal and without knowing any French? I have masters degree from USA as Software Engineer and I meet the 59 point cut off.

Thanks in advance

Unlike other provinces, in Quebec you need to get csq before PR.

PEQ isn’t an option without french.
Arrima has in past invited a few select people without french and they got csq also.

What I have heard is that Mifi is gonna tighten and enforce french requirement in Arrima as well (soon). Cutoff or no cutoff won’t matter then. As the previous immigration minister said, Arrima is gonna be tinder of immigration. The only problem is that MIFI is the only one having fun with this tinder arrangement as applicants are left at their sadistic mercy. What matters more to Mifi is the fees that you pay, rather than you as an applicant.

If you have chance of getting job elsewhere, metaphorically speaking – even a remote island, where you are the only inhabitant, escape if it entails PR in a set timeframe.

All the best.

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