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Applying for Express Entry with 1 year of experience including 1 month of laid off period

Hi everyone,

Thank you for you help in this matter.

I have gathered 1 year of working experience with enough points to get a draw very soon. My concern is that I just completed my 1 year anniversary at my company yesterday, but I was laid off in March 2020 for 5 weeks due to Covid indicating shortage of work (sent on an unpaid leave) as it was a restaurant chain.

Should I wait for another month or can I proceed now with my 1 year for my PR file?

Some more info:

My hours were always 40Hours/week, I am on salary, so the calculation is simple. With 5 weeks of no work, I completed around 47 weeks * 40 = 1880 hours in total till now.

IRS demands a minimum of 30*52 = 1560 hours, so I am wondering if my situation is okay or should I wait till November 1st to get another 5 weeks punched in?

Thanks again in advance and I wish you all best of luck with your applications!


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