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Applying for a Start-Up Visa directly?

Dear Fellows … just have registered. With interests I noticed this thread. Actually I am seeking for general orientation about some basic questions. In advance I thank you for noticing my request and appreciate your supportive advice.

About my given sand personal situation (and plans to emigrate to CAN which started as a 1st idea in 2008):

1. I am native German, male and single. – English is not my native language. As I work in international projects since the midds of 90s at least I can speak and write fluently for “daily life (and living)” and business correspondence.

2. As profession I graduated as captain for commercial sailing ships in Netherlands, where actually I live to work on traditional sailing ships (under Dutch flag) for charter / tourism. I am also cultural journalist and media producer / moderator with radio shows since 2006 for educational programs (in the segment of “music therapy).

3. I am in different (small) businesses which I run for now as freelancer/self employee. These businesses shall be established newly in CAN (then with employees), as “start ups” in the sectors “education/tourism”, “media production” and “health care services”.

4. The Canadian East coast I target at is suitable for me to settle under different aspects. I plan to emigrate to Nova Scotia (around Halifax). This federal state is linked with maritime history and “old Europe” since long, short flight distance to Amsterdam/London/Frankfurt … and cheap living costs (in comparison with other Canadian Federal states).

5. I will celebrate in 06/2019 my 55th birthday. (Rec.: I hope this will not be a big hurdle or too late, even make it impossible to apply for Canadian citizenship.)

I did online my English test successfully. As I stay for now (during summer season) in Netherlands I would thank you for getting orientation about following questions:

(A) Where to apply for start-up Visa programs (linked with the federal state Nova Scotia) ? – Does it need a personal presence in CAN first, or can all pre-plannings/preparations be done from Europe (via Internet) ?

(B) Do I need to present a business plan in advance to a Canadian jury which will be proven first before I set a foot onto Canadian ground ? – Is the start-up visa program restricted to specific branches (of industries) ? – Or am I free to establish new businesses in the branches of tourism/education/health care (as described upper under pos. 3.)

(C) Does it need a minimum investment sum – as own capital – to be accepted as entrepreneur ? – Or can it be financed with “risk capital” (by Canadian private/public investors) ? – Does it need a minimum number of employees (new working places) to be created by the business plan for being funded ?

(D) Do exist specific funding programs for entrepreneurs who immigrate from Europe ? E.g. Trans-Atlantic collaboration programs between Europe (Germany/Netherlands) and Canada.

Maybe I have missed some items for now. If you like to give a hint to other aspects, feel free to do so. I appreciate any critics and feedback. Tks in advance giving attention to.

Warm regards
Cpt. JR

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