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Application sent with an expired police certificate (due to COVID). Should I resend certificate now or wait for AOR?

Hi Guys,

Back in April, before I sent my application, I had an expired police certificate for the principal applicant and couldn’t issue a new one because police offices were shut down due to COVID. I was advised to apply anyways with the expired certificate and write a note explaining why I can’t issue a new one at the time of application and I would get 90 days after they start processing my application to submit any missing docs. I’m still waiting to hear back from CIC.
Now, I believe I can get a new police certificate issued, so my question is should I do that now and send it to CIC or wait till I hear from them? If I just wait, is there a risk they’ll return my application due to the expired certificate? Also if I do send it now, how do I ensure they link it to my application since I don’t have a reference number for my application except the receipt I got when I paid the fees? Any advice would be really appreciated.

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