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Application Reopened After Refusal | Canada Immigration Forum

AOR – Sept 18, 2018
Decision Made – Jan 9, 2019 – Application Refused due to a misunderstanding (I explained on a msg above)

I requested a reconsideration at the same date (Jan 9) using the Web Form and attached some documents to prove my statement. I also emailed the office that were processing my application 2-3 days later with same documents attached.

About a month later, at first week of February, my application was reopened – just noticed a change on the status on my account from “decision made” back to “submitted” stage NA2. First week of April, after long time without any update, I noticed an update on my account showing IP2 status – non of those updates was informed by email. On April 15, however, I finally received the gold email.

So, just to update my timeline:
back to NA2 satege – First week of Feb, 2019 (don’t remember the exact date)
CoPR – Apr 15, 2019
Landing Interview scheduled for May 7, 2019

PS: Sometime after having my application reopened without any updates, at first week of April I ordered the GCMS which I haven’t received yet since it was supposed to be done by May only. Just telling you that cause I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not but the update on my account (from NA2 to IP2) happened 2-3 days after this. I’ve read at a few places that same thingo happened with other people – hard to say if there is any relationship with the act of order the GCMS notes, but there’s at least a small possibility that my application was forgotten aside somehow and suddenly someone had to take a look on the progress of it to generate the GCMS note and because of that I had some progress. Again, it’s hard to say, but since first week of February I had no updates at all and considering that a decision had been made about my application previously and the mistake that leaded to a refusal was explained and was easy for them to crosscheck the info provided I truly believe the GCMS note helped me somehow.

Back to your last question asking for suggestions, I’ve been told by the agents by phone and also on the refusal letter to use the Webform to request them to reconsider my application. As I’ve said before, I also emailed the office that was processing my application just in case. I received an answer by email from the office about 40 days later saying that the would check my additional documents, however at that time my account was already back to “submitted” status, what make me think that the Webform was quicker.

Just be in mind that on my case it was clearly a mistake/misunderstanding from CIC side. I provided all documents required at the beginning and when assessing my documents they somehow ignored some evidences. Not sure if they would reopen if it was my mistake.

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