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application for canadian visa (PR) – child with mild autism

Hi dckcrz,

I think Manila visa office is more faster than in Ottawa according to the processing time posted at CIC web site under Provincial nominee if you are under Provincial nominee. Manila is 12 months while Ottawa is 17 months which my file is on the 13th month now. Hopefully this week we hear something from them:) I did ask for assistance of our local MP here too. Constituent assistant has been very helpful and happy to serve there constituents and I was so grateful:) Let’s hope and pray for the best.

@ coman Hi there, if you receive a fairness letter from your visa office regarding the possible inadmissible of a family member due to excessive demand and stating the diagnosed and the detailed list of social services required and their cost implications. The letter of intent and ability is attached to your fairness letter. If you sign this letter of intent you are declaring that you are responsible for costs associated with the provision of the social services that your family member requires along with the proposed plan. Regarding the proposed plan, i hired a immigration lawyer to do it in my behalf because it’s to much for me:) so i suggest get a good immigration lawyer to write you one and they will do all the researching and plan. Hoping and praying for the success of our application. God bless us all

hi noknik, thank you for the info..we already submitted our reply to the fairness letter to meet the deadline set by the Visa Office..actually, it’s already almost 4 months but still, no reply from the said visa office..i think , this will take sometime..anyway, let’s hope for the best and keep praying. God bless us!

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