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Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

Thanks sgmav for making this post, I was also looking for people who are applying for student visa in Canada. I also used an immigrant consultant. I’d also applied in vancouver prof school same as with Kyle. I started my application right after my ielts exam. But I think they only started processing of my application when they received my ielts results. Here’s my timeline:

Category……..: Student Visa
Visa Office……: Makati Phiippines
App. Filed…….: not sure about it, but they told me that they’ve already received my LOA yesterday so I guess they’ve filed it already today
File Transfer…: …….
Med’s Request: WAITING
Med’s Done….: WAITING
Interview……..: WAITING
Passport Req..: WAITING

August 27 of this year is my scheduled start of classes. I dunno if I could make it on that date. But the consultant said it would, so I just sit tight and wait patiently for the next step. Hoping for our visas to be approved swimmingly. ;D

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