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Any March 2020 Applicants on the same page ?

Submitted my complete Application (SDS, yes I paid a lot of money) on March 2 2020 and the biometrics were updated on 6th March.
Had given my medicals back in Oct 2019 (because I had a different plan) but it was updated only in June 2020.
Had also requested to replace my LOA from Summer to new Fall 2020 doc after deferral.
Received AIP via email on Aug 14 2020 with no trace of it on the GC Key account.

The thing is I came to know about GCMS very late (yeah I know) and will be applying for one to know the status of my application.
Been waiting for an update for the past 7 months and I even stopped checking my GC Key account. The frustration is very real at this point coz some of my friends might be able to travel to Canada from Oct 20th if their DLI is on the approved list. I’m not ashamed to say this but it also makes me very jealous. Despite applying together and my friend getting a rejection and he reapplying, he had his permit approved in less than a week and here I am waiting for 7 months while my parents think I’m good for nothing and have wasted their money.
The frustration of having no way to contact IRCC except for the stupid webform for which they give out generic- pre-written replies is getting the better on me.
I feel so helpless and not everyone can feel me other than those on the same boat.

Anyone in a similar situation.

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