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Ankara Visa Office Applicants Check in here! :)

Thanks, mehdiR for pointing out the other thread. I have been following that one for a while, too. The thread you mentioned is for Damascus applicants. With Damascus closing, one part of applicants (Iranian applicants) have been transferred to Anakara. Not all of us are in the same boat! So I think it is appropriate for all applicants of Anakara office to have their own thread and exchange experiences. Please join us and share your visa office specific experiences with us :)

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with immigration consultants. I’d like to point out that some of the senior members here that contribute to the forum are actually immigration consultants, and some cases actually will need to be handled by people who do this for a living. Not all cases are straightforward. Therefore, I wouldn’t generalize that no one needs a consultant or a lawyer. Some people will really need to consult or hire one.

I wish you and your wife a very speedy and smooth rest of the process. Ankara has a very fast track record. However, how the new file transfers will affect the processing times remains to be seen.

All the best. :)

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