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An ambiguous question in Mon project

Hello guys,

I’m filling out the details in mon project at this moment. But I have an ambiguous question in there. Please help me.
In ‘Historique des statuts’ part, I should declare my status for last 10 years.
I was staying in Vancouver for certain periods as a visitor record, but in option there is no visitor status.
It only has

Agent diplomatique
Resident permanent
Travailleur temporaire
Travailleur temporaire post-diplome
Etudiant etranger
Programme d’echange jeunessse
Acccompagnement de mon conjoint
Demandeur d’asile
Personne protegee
Visiteur religieux

So I guess, for that period I might choose territory as ‘my country’ not Canada and status as ‘Citoyen’. How do you think about this guys?
Please tell me your thought if you have any similar experiences.

Thanks in advance.

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