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Alberta AINP form AINP 012

Good day everyone!

I got the NOI for Alberta but I have a problem. My current job is on the same NOC I have my profile on EE, but I don’t want to get points for it because I’ve been working on it for 2 months only and it would be nearly impossible to get a proof of employment letter without raising a red flag for the employer, therefore I don’t want Alberta to ask for any documents of it.
What do I do in this case when it comes to filling form AINP 012 E. Current Employment session? Should I leave it blank? Should I fill as non applicable? Should I just put my current job and Alberta will understand I am not considering this job for points on my application since I will only be submitting letters from my two previous employers that gave me the proof of employment and they are the ones I’ve mentioned on my EE Profile?

Help! Thanks!
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