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Advice on ECA for MBA from Symbiosis

Pls advice me on the current process for IQAS:
1. Only MBA transcripts should be sent or bachelor’s as well ?
2. I should be sending all thet docume in a big envelope or transcripts should be directly send by the University? Did SIU send directly in Ur case ?

Below is written on their website

Credentials you need assessed
For an ECA, only your highest completed / awarded educational credential needs to be assessed.If you need more than one credential to be assessed, it will take at least four weeks longer than average processing times.

  • official transcripts for all years of study should be sent directly to IQAS by your school or the responsible issuing authority. If your school will not send transcripts directly, you may forward a sealed envelope with the official transcripts you obtained from your school. The transcripts must be attested, dated, and placed in a sealed envelope that is stamped with the institution’s official seal across the back flap

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