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Additional proof requested | Canada Immigration Forum

I have been asked for… Proof of relationship/cohabitation covering the span of your relationship with your sponsor (2017 to present): You did not provide sufficient evidence of relationship/cohabitation. Please provide additional evidence of relationship/cohabitation that could be used to confirm whether a sponsored spouse or partner is cohabiting with their sponsor. These may include: Joint bank accounts or credit cards indicating both you and your sponsor’s names, Jointly signed ownership of residential property, Jointly signed residential leases, Jointly signed mortgage or purchase agreement, insurance and/or beneficiary forms, Joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone), Important documents of both parties showing the same address (i.e identification documents, driver’s licenses, and insurance policies). Please also provide other supporting documentation (if applicable) which may be considered such as outing photos, marriage ceremony photos, receipts/bills from your marriage ceremony, photos with friends and family, E-mails, phone bills, letters showing common residential address, etc. Please do not send any electronic media items, such as CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes.This must be received at this office by: 2020/10/16 > Relationship Progression Details/Timeline: Please provide a notarized affidavit regarding the progression details and timeline of your relationship, along with any evidence you wish to submit (such as engagement celebration photos, engagement ring receipts/invoices, social media posts etc…).

I have compiled travel confirmations, photos, social media posts, bank letters.

I have a few questions ;
1.Should I resubmit the evidence I originally attached in my application?
2.Is there a format that the timeline should be in?
3. Should I make one document and send all the information or send with multiple attachments along with the timeline?
4. The notary affidavit, does this mean I make the timeline and then need to go and get it signed by an official?

Thank you in advance.

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