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About translations and certified copies.

Hello all. I am applying for a startup visa and I am confused about the following:

I live in Costa Rica, so the language in which official documents are produced is Spanish. At the page it says

Any document that is not in English or French must be accompanied by:

  • the English or French translation; and
  • an affidavit from the person who completed the translation; and
  • a certified copy of the original document.

Alright. Suppose I have my birth certificate:

  • Get a translator to translate my birth certificate.
  • Get an affidavit from the translator for this document.

Now I need a certified copy of the original document (the Spanish one right?). I suppose that a lawyer can do this.


  • Can you explain to me exactly how does a certified copy look like? Is it a photocopy of the document with some sort of “official seal” over it and that’s it? Do you have an image to show me?
  • I have 3 months of bank statements in Spanish. So I need to translate them to english… Do I need one affidavit per paper, and ALSO a certified copy per paper? This is gonna be very expensive.
  • What if my documents are produced in english? For example, what if my bank generates my bank statements in english language? Would that be acceptable?

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