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2020 BC PNP Express Entry (IG) and Open Work Permit Extension


Can anyone help me regarding my BC PNP status and Post-Graduation Work Permit extension, please?

I applied BC PNP Express Entry – International Graduate and received the invitation in April, 2020. I submitted all supporting documents on April 30, 2020. On May 30, 2020, I received an email regarding my recent 6 months pay stubs from the Case Review Officer and my employer replied back with my pay stubs. I am still waiting for my BC PNP nomination letter and my online status shows “in progress”. Even if my application has been in progress for almost 3 months, I haven’t heard anything or had an interview from BC PNP after I submitted my pay stubs at the end of May.

Now, I am worried about my application and Post-Graduate Work Permit because my work permit will be expiring soon on September 29, 2020. I have contacted CIC/IRCC about my work permit extension by phone and email, but they said that I am not eligible to extend my work permit thought BOWP without BC PNP nomination letter. I only have 2 months left from the expiry date of my PG work permit.

Can anyone help me regarding this, please? :(

Thank you for reading my long message!

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