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2018 inland spousal still witing


I’m another March 2018 inland applicant and still waiting for PA side to go to DM (Sponsor’s side has been completed for over a year now). The last time my file was opened by an agent was in mid-January 2019 and then… nothing since. My lawyers have requested my case notes twice. From this, we’ve seen that I’ve passed medicals, criminal checks etc. but it’s still stuck on “background checks”.

All of our communications to the Mississauga Office since August 2019 have received form replies to be “patient” which is quite frankly infuriating at this point and beyond patronising. If it was within a year of processing, sure, I get it. But over 2 years with an entire calendar year where no one opened my file? Give me a break. People in our situations deserve an answer since we’ve gone far, far beyond the promised timeline. If I had a reason as to why it’s taking as long as it has been, it’d give us some sense of relief. Being kept in the dark isn’t a great feeling and nor is having my life essentially on hold.

And because of COVID-19 now, I have a feeling I – and others like me – won’t have a hope in hell of getting a landing interview until 2021. By that point, I’ll be well over halfway to being eligible for bloody citizenship! I joke about it with my husband because the other alternative is to cry, and quite frankly, I’ve done enough of that on holidays where I wasn’t able to take a trip home and had to tell my family “maybe next year”.

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