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1 yr full time MBA from IIM – which ECA provider to choose?


Hope everyone is staying safe.

I went through a lot of threads to understand which ECA provider to choose but could’t find anyone in my particular situation, so starting a thread now. For my acads, I did my B.Tech and then the 1 yr full time MBA from an IIM. I’m now trying to find out which ECA provider to choose to get my PG evaluated as Master’s.

Read about WES giving Master’s to PG from IIMs but most of the threads were about 2 yr MBA. Couldn’t find any for 1 yr MBA from IIM. WES seems to be the fastest among all others, especially given the COVID situation.

Please suggest which ECA provider, WES / ICES / CES / IQAS, would be better for someone with an 1 yr MBA from IIM to get it evaluated as Master’s in Canada.


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